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Dont waste your waste!

NASA:s Biosphere, Arizona, USA

Waste water treatment

Some examples of wastewater treatment plants designed by BioSystem are:

The water treatment and the fish farm in NASA:s space colonisation unit BioSphere in Arizona, USA

The worlds largest indoor land based fish farm with circulated water in Belua, North Dakota with 2 hectares under roof

Biological wastewater treatment systems in Sweden for Åbro Brewery, ARLA FOODS milk powder factory in Vimmerby, Spendrups Brewery in  Grängesberg,  Pharmacia Upjohn Pharmaceuticals, Uppsala

Municipal waste

We have long experience from modernising and optimizing municipal digester performance for Swedish municipalities with projects for Västerås, Borlänge, Ludvika, Smedjebacken, Leksand, Skövde, Avesta Trollhättan, Trehörningsjö, Ljungby and Lilla Edet in Sweden

Biogas plants for farms

The company has designed biogas plants for 48 000 cattle in Lubbock , Texas, USA, for 38 000 milking cows at Caitsa milk farm in Mexico, for 84 000 standing pigs in Singapore and 850 000 standing pigs in Chile as well as a great number of serial built containerised biogas plants for small farms